Monday, 31 October 2011

Winter what?? It's still summer in Malaysia so let's colour block.

One of the perks of living in a tropical country like Malaysia is having unlimited sunshine all year round. And sometimes when it's summer it can get extremely hot. You do the laundry, hang it at 12pm and in the next 10 mins it's already dry. A natural instant dryer!! That sure saves us some bucks.

So when we are talking about sunshine, knitted wear or denim is a no no. Well, unless of course you want to smell like sweat all day. Something comfortable is preferable such as a top matched with a long skirt. But...instead of the boring pastel colours why not make it bold with a 2-piece colour block, like this runway model.

So here is our suggestion on what to wear on a daily outing with the girls or to simply have lunch with them. Place your order with ShopShip by simply clicking here and follow all the easy steps. Fill in the forms and email it to It's as simple as that!







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Footnote : 1 GBP = 5 MYR

Neutral tops for grab

A neutral minimalist

Your first evening date

Love that bohemian style

Items under RM100